Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, August 11, 2017

More summer pictures :)

We bought almost all new furniture for our house when we moved in. The one thing that we hadn't replaced was our kitchen table. Our kitchen table was the first piece of furniture we bought together after getting married. We decided it was time to update! The kids think the bench is pretty cool!

Snuggles with my favorite boy!

Shopping with Jax. This picture says it all!
(But how cute are those silver and gold leggings for my nieces. The girls noticed them as we were walking by and we had to buy them!)

Ignore the flowered mattress (bedding was in the wash) ... but I couldn't find Jax for the longest time the other day, and he wouldn't respond to me when I called for him. I'm still not sure how he got all the way under the bed. He was pretty comfy though!

Donut date!

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