Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, August 10, 2017

GEMS Conference 2017

Two weeks ago I went to the GEMS conference. Last year it was in Montana ... this year it was in Sioux Center! A 1 hour car ride vs a 17 hour bus ride made a huge difference!

Megan and I got there a little early on Thursday so that we could welcome our crew! We had a total of 21 counselors from our club!

Alecia is one of our counselors, but she also works for GEMS and plans the conference!

We heard some amazing speakers! This is Cindy ... a group of us did one of her Bible studies in January-April ... and while we were doing the Bible study, she was hired as the executive director of GEMS. She has a pretty amazing story, and it was so fun to see her/meet her!

A little golf cart fun! Love these gals!

Our counselor team that attended conference! Such a wonderful group of women!
Megan and I with Cindy!

Of course GEMS conference wouldn't be right without a few pranks ...

And some fun games! Our dorms were apartments, so we could get everyone into ours! We laughed ... ordered pizza ... played games ... and laughed some more!

And when everyone else went to bed ... we snuck out!

So glad that our friend Shelly is such a good sport!

One last celebration on the last morning! Cindy loves confetti, and she was gifted a confetti blaster!

Ready to head home!

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go again! I enjoyed conference last year, but it was tough for me -- it was a longer time away due to traveling, and that bus ride really did me in.

Next year ... we are off to Ontario! I told Megan we should take our families and make a vacation out of it. We will see ... :)

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