Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Black Hills Day 6

It was time to head home on Sunday. We decided to get packed up after breakfast and take off. That way we could get unpacked/laundry started at a decent time.

Jax had to do a little more climbing before we left. :)

Being a helper!

Fruit Roll Up tattoos for entertainment on the ride home. Ha!

Our trip was so much fun! Did the kids fight? Yep! Did they drive me a little crazy at times? Of course! But once again, we made some amazing memories and laughed a lot ... and we can't wait to do it all over again next summer!

Until then ...

That's a lot of hole-in-one pictures! (Notice who did NOT get any hole-in-ones?!_)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Black Hills Day 5

What a view to wake up to!

On Saturday morning we rented a 6-person UTV for a few hours!

We went out of the trails ... saw a bunch of deer, one turkey, one fox and a few other smaller animals.

We had fun, but I don't think that Jax and Jayla loved the UTV ride. They laughed, but of course they just wanted to go back to swim ... which was pretty much what we did after we took the UTV back!

Saturday night was another rodeo!

Hanging out with Truett before the rodeo!

The girls with Aria ...

Jack and Justin!

Love these two!
Cutest little cowboy around!

Black Hills Day 4 (Part 2)

After the hard work of hiking Harney Peak, we promised the kids we would take them to a new a candy store -- Candyland! Oh boy! They were pretty excited!

After lunch and the candy store, we headed back to the campground. Justin had a meeting planned with a few of the guys there, so the kids and I headed to the pool! (Who would have thought that the kids would be tired after a 7 mile hike?! Ha! Joke was on me!)

Then we rested for a bit in the cabin ... had some supper ... and cheered on Ethan the SF Little League team in the World Series. Unfortunately, they lost, but it was so fun to watch the boys play!

Hiking down the hill in front of our cabin to go play ...

Justin's coworker, Jack, and his family also arrived on Friday. Jack has 2 daughters who are both married with kids, so we spent the rest of our evening at the campfire with them. Jack was Justin's mentor when he started his job in SF, and they have such a great relationship. I love that our family was able to spend time with them on this trip!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Black Hills Day 4 (Harney Peak!!)

We had decided at the end of our trip last year that we were going to try to hike Harney Peak this year with the kids! It's about 3.5 miles to the top, and other than the first half mile, it's quite rocky and also very steep in areas.

We weren't sure how it was going to go, but we decided to give it a try!

Ready to start!

After about a half mile, you get to a bench that tells you to look across the valley. If you look closely, the very tip of the farthest mountain looks like a square -- and that's where we were headed!

Jax picked up a walking stick along the way ...

Taking a little break ...

Another stopping point ...

Continuing to climb!

Almost there!!!!!

We made it!!! A few adults that had passed us along the way were at the top cheering our kids on when they saw us coming. :)

We rested at the top for a little while ...

And then the 3.5 miles back down ...

Jax found a painted rock as we were nearing the end of the hike. A little more motivation and excitement to finish the last half mile!

The kids (especially Jax) were starting to get a bit tired with about a half mile to go. They did it though, and we were so proud of them!!! (AND - they did it with very little complaining!)

7 miles!! Yay!!