Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 4th Celebration Part 5

Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday was a great morning for a run and paddle boarding!

Love this boy!

Jet ski rides!

Then we took a long morning boat ride!

The guys went to a car museum after lunch, so the three kids and I swam off the dock.
The kids were checking out all of the geese in the water with us ...

Margarita time!

Then the plan was to go to Arnold's Park, walk around, and then get ready for the fireworks! On our way there, the sky just kept getting darker and darker! We decided to head back to the house and wait it out for a bit.

Justin and I decided to still take the kids and attempt the fireworks. Instead of going to Arnold's Park though, we parked near a public beach so that we could get back to our vehicle quickly in case it started to rain hard.

The rain started about 10 minutes before the fireworks were supposed to start ... and then they even started the fireworks late!

Such troopers! We made our own tent with a blanket. (and we attempted this picture 10 times, and Jax just couldn't keep those eyes open with the flash - ha!) I love that our kids love being adventurous with us!

We actually had a really great view of the fireworks!

The rain got worse, so about 10 minutes into the fireworks, we headed to the car and finished watching them from there.

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