Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, July 29, 2017

We love to swim!

We are still going to the pool about 3-4 times a week. I love that my kids love to spend their afternoons at the pool!
My 3 silly kiddos!

I talked Jax into going off the board! He had done it in George without his life jacket, but we were able to be in the water in case he needed help. We aren't allowed to do that at the pools here. I was ready to jump in though if he needed it (and the pool wasn't busy and I've gotten to know the life guards, so I felt pretty good about letting him do it).

 He did GREAT and he LOVED it!

The girls love going off the board too!

And the girls have perfected their dives!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Garth Brooks!

If you know me well, you know my love for Garth Brooks! He has been my favorite singer since I was little. (well, besides Bon Jovi) I saw Garth in SF in 1997. He performed 7 concerts in 6 days. I was at the second concert. Fast forward to 2015. When I heard he was going to be in Minneapolis, I knew I HAD to go! Justin and Megan tagged team the computers that morning and were able to get us tickets. We saw him in November of 2015. Amazing concert!

And now ... it's been 20 years since he was in Sioux Falls. And guess who is coming back?! Originally there was one concert planned, which we knew would change. But who knew he would sell out 9!! concerts???!

I was a nervous wreck the day tickets went on sale (because at that point, it was just one concert and I wanted tickets so badly). I had 3 accounts going at home and Megan was at her house on another account.

Check out my adorable helpers!

I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard my scream when I got tickets!! We are going to the first of the nine concerts!
Now ... If only my mom and I can find my Garth Brooks shirt from the concert 20 years ago!

Golf clinic

Last week I took the kids to a golf clinic. Jax was a bit young for it, so he just hung out with me and putted around for a bit. The girls seemed to enjoy the clinic!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lake weekend

We made a quick trip the lake two weekends ago.

Friday night boat ride ...

The kids swam off the dock on Saturday morning ...

Went for jet ski rides ...

Jayla and Jax tubed with Justin ...

Then we anchored the boat and swam for a couple of hours!

Jax built a camper with the legos ...

Where's Jaxon?

Justin's parents watched the kids that night, and we went out for supper with Jade and Megan and then to the Hairball concert!

My brother was there with some friends too!

We almost got you, Jade! Ha!

On Sunday we headed to George and swam with my family there!

So thankful for fun summer weekends!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Loving summer!

We absolutely love summer, and it makes me so sad to know that the kids go back to school in about a month (and me too).

Jax earned some football cards for being my helper, and he jumped with excitement when the first card he took out was a Vikings player!

Swimming with friends ...

Summer plays with friends ...

Love these 5!

Reunited with daycare friends (girlfriend) when we stopped by to say hi ...

Playing store ...

Hanging out at ball games ...

Lots of swimming!

Jax found one his besties at the pool ... (this friend is a year old than Jax and doesn't go to the same school, so we hadn't seen him for a while) ...

Swimming at a friend's house ...

I wish time would slow down!!