Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, May 29, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

I'm just a few weeks behind ... surprising right?!

Mother's Day weekend was busy for us ... Jax had a birthday party on Saturday, and then we spent the evening with Justin's family at Steve and Tracy's house to celebrate Blake's graduation. The kids had a blast swimming! (and by accident I took almost all of my pictures in "live" mode, and they can't be posted on the blog ... so enjoy some pictures of Jaxon but not the girls - ha!) 

On Sunday we went to church, out for lunch, took a quick trip to the zoo, and then went out for supper for with my parents!

I bet not too many mom get cones for Mother's Day! Ha! Living in an area with a lot of new construction has been interesting and frustrating at times ... and I am tired of big trucks using our driveway to turn around in ... so I said I wanted cones! Jordyn had warned me that my Mother's Day gift was a funny one!

After supper, we played basketball for a few minutes. :)

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