Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Just a few pictures ...

After all of my updates, I am still about two weeks behind! Oofta! 

We are ...
... loving the warmer weather (well minus the snow we had on Sunday/Monday).
... playing outside with every chance we have.
 ... counting down our days until summer.
... crossing things off of our school schedule.
... adding things to our summer schedule. 

We can't wait for summer!

A little snapchat fun ... I think Jayla looks just like my sister Kayla in this picture!

Jayla got Sing for her birthday from Darin and Kathryn ... it's been on repeat in the Acadia!! (Only when we drive out of town though -- no TV when we are in town.)

Grandpa Buzz introduced Jordyn to honey mustard (of course she wouldn't have tried it if Mom had told her to) :) ... and now all she wants to do is go to DQ for the chicken strip basket and honey mustard. Ha!

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