Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, May 19, 2017

GEMS Sunday!

 We had an unbelievable year of GEMS ... new girls every single week, up to the last GEMS meeting! 136 girls! 28 counselors, 1 prayer counselor, 1 snack helper, 1 craft helper, a children's ministry leader ... and Megan and myself as coordinators! Oofta! We made it!

Two Sundays ago, we had GEMS Sunday!
I love GEMS Sunday! 
Our second graders said our theme verse ...

Megan sang ... I talked ... and our girls all did their theme song! So fun to watch/listen!

I am so thankful that Jordyn was a part of GEMS this year, and Jayla will be next year!

And through the craziness (and often stress), I'm so thankful that I get to help this lead program with my best friend!

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