Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, May 12, 2017

Backyard fun!

Between the dirt piles and sport court, our backyard/empty lot next to us are a favorite place to be!

Jaxon and our neighbor, Aidan, are best buds!! They are two weeks apart in age, and they both love trucks, dirt and playing sports!

Aidan's little sister is a favorite with Jordyn and Jayla! They chase/carry her everywhere! Aidan and Abby's cousin was also over the other night and was just a little older than our girls -- she joined right along with our kids and played basketball and pickleball!

Justin's grandparents and uncle also stopped over, so Justin and Wade took on the girls in pickleball!

I'm not going to lie ... I was not the biggest fan of getting this sport court. It was a definitely 4 against 1 vote at our house ... BUT ... I am so thankful that my family outnumbered me on this vote! It wasn't a cheap thing to do, but it's definitely getting used! Our family is on it almost every single day. (Now. I can't wait for the landscaping to be done! It's all planned out and will be happening soon!)

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