Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Austin Day 3

Monday was a bit of a tough day while we were in Austin. My mom called at about 5:30 AM to tell me that my grandma had passed away.

Justin had meetings that morning, so I went for a run and sat outside (it was so beautiful out). 

After lunch we did a sip and cycle around downtown Austin. We stopped at this pub ... this wall was pretty crazy with everything they had on tap!

We had a great dinner that evening!

I had to laugh at how many glasses they could put on a table that was set for 10. :) 
(obviously my picture only show s a little glimpse of it)

I know this looks super funny, but it was really good!

That night we went out for a bit with some of the people that Justin does work with. We found this fun rooftop bar that was basically like a playground with jenga, bean bags, see saws ...

... more playground toys ... we had fun evening!

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