Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Staying busy!

Some nights I love that we can just be home with nothing to do ... those nights just don't happen very often though!

This guy. 
He was pretty sure he could do the Cirque de Soleil tricks ... ha! (Notice his prop is a lincoln log container ... )

We all needed some exercise during our super cold weather ... Sky Zone it was!

And of course some Cherry Berry after an hour of jumping at Sky Zone!

Somebody got ahead of us in line and got a little too much candy ...
(This is one of those time that "zone defense" is tricky ... going through the candy line at Cherry Berry.)

My silly boy!

Family game of Racko! Jax and I won!

I love to play the game Set. Justin hates to play the game Set. (Usually because I'm amazing at this game ... and he's not.) :) I finally talked him into playing, and he was so excited about his "Set" ... don't let his 3 fingers fool you -- that was only 1 point, not 3. :)

Then he was super excited because he was just sure he got another "Set" ... 

Unfortunately, it wasn't at Set ...

Jayla and Jax had to go to GEMS with me last time because Justin was out of town. Jax stayed busy creating a zoo!

And just a little silliness after school one day!

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