Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, January 13, 2017

Silly kid!

I sure love this kid! He makes me laugh so hard!

Right now my favorite thing to do with him at night is snapchat my sisters with nighttime pictures. I never know what face he is going to make until the camera flashes, and I laugh so hard at him every time. I wish I had screen shot all of his poses over the last few days.

I guess I haven't done a follow up since Jaxon's sinus surgery (from December 1). Jaxon had a great recovery from surgery! By the time we got home from the hospital that day, he was ready to play. I was bribing him to rest! :) He had bloody noses for several days after the surgery, but once those ended, everything was great! 

He had his surgery on a Thursday ... and the following Thursday he ended up with food poisoning. I got to school to pick him up and he was so excited to see me. By the time I had his bags ready to go, he was on the floor and super pale. Thank goodness that I always keep bags in the car since he gets car sick ... he was throwing up before we got home ... and then threw up for 2 hours straight. We couldn't get him to stop. The worst was that it was coming out of his nose, which was burning so bad for him. I ended up calling the doctor to make sure we weren't risking infection since we were just a week out of surgery. They felt that he would be okay. After 6 hours of vomiting, he was much better. A number of other kids from his daycare/preschool also had the same thing at the same time. He only eats school lunch about 6-10 times a month, and this happened to be one of them. The hot lunch is brought in from an outside place (similar to how the public schools here do it). 

Then, the following Thursday after that (I started to hate Thursdays), I got a call that was a bit panicky at noon from our director at preschool. Jax had just finished lunch, went to his nap mat calmly, and all of a sudden blood starting pouring out of his mouth and then his nose. The teachers had gotten it to stop, but they said it was a significant amount of blood, and it scared them. Since it stopped, I told them I was going to hang up, call Justin and the doctor and get right back to them. Justin happened to be near preschool, so he went right there. I called and talked to the nurse, and they wanted to see him. Our ENT was in surgery, but he ended up making it to the appointment to check Jaxon out. It turns out that even thought it looked like a big deal, it wasn't. Whew! He had blood vessel exposed in his nose due to dryness, and that caused the large amount of blood. He just loves to keep us on our toes!! Three Thursdays in a row ... I wasn't sure I wanted the next one to come! Ha! He has been fine though ... we have been so happy with the success of his surgery! We are so thankful for his wonderful doctor!

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