Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Eve Night

After church we headed to BJ and Devin's house for the rest of the evening.

Talk about energy ... these 7 had it! 

 They had one gift from Grandpa and Grandma that they had to open that night ...

 New PJ's!

Getting a picture was nothing short of a challenge! :)

It's crazy to think how close they are in age ... 
Jordyn - 8, Jayla - 6, Jaxon - 5, Logan - 4, Ryleigh - 4, Calvin - 4, Tessa - 9 months

Tessa was on the move!

 We all had Santa hats/head bands, so we decided to throw those on the kids too. :)

 They love their Auntie Kiki and Uncle Josh! 
(AND!! I can FINALLY share ... they're having a baby!!!)
Oofta ... it was a busy day, and I was pretty excited to head to bed ... but not until we tracked Santa in Iowa at about 11:45. :)

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