Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Eve Morning/Afternoon

 We went to Justin's parent's house on Christmas Eve morning and spent the day there! Of course the kids were excited to open gifts! 

Jax loves those $2 bills!!

Tights!! He was so excited to get sport tights!

Badminton for our new sport court!

Megan taught Jayla how to "play" with her olives so we sent her a picture. :)

This puppy has been a bit of stinker lately ... but he sure is super cute!

We taught the girls how to play Fill or Bust!

Jayla taught Grandma Helen how to play Pie Face Show Down! :) 
(They just used the wet sponge.)

We all played some basketball ...

Then it was off to the candlelight service at church!

 Whew! It was a busy day ... and I was the only who took a nap!! I very rarely take naps, but Jax and I had been up half the night with growing pains (UGH!!!) and I felt like a zombie! Somehow he managed to be a ball of energy all day though! :)

We enjoyed spending our day with Justin's parents and Grandma Helen!

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