Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Day!

The kids were pretty excited to see that Santa came during the night!

I was pretty excited to snuggle with this sweet girl. :)

Somehow I didn't get a single picture of the kids opening their gifts from Santa! Jordyn got a jeep for her AG dolls, Jayla got a horse for her AG doll, and Jax got the Batman robot that he had been begging for since August!

Jusitn bought a new game a couple of weeks ago, and he decided our family needed a tournament! My brother even made a trophy for the Klask tournament!

The championship between Justin and Eric ...

I guess this will be displayed at our house until the next family tournament!

The kids spent the rest of the night playing ... the guys all went to the Star Wars movie, and we spent an extra night at my parent's house!

I just love this - Jax was helping Tessa with the piano. :)

We had a great Christmas!

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