Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Celebration!

We always celebrate Christmas with the 5 of us on the 23rd. This year Justin had the whole day off, so instead of waiting until the evening to open gifts, we opened them before lunch. (because after you hear Jax ask, "How much longer until we open presents?" every.30.seconds, you finally just give in) ...

Jax made us laugh so hard -- he wrapped up a gift for his Kylo Ren, and he couldn't wait for "Kylo" to open his race car!

He also (all on his own) wrapped up other gifts for us. (Can we say "Aunt Bethany" from Christmas Vacation -- kidding!!) He was so proud of everything he wrapped, and he cut the paper and did all of the wrapping on his own.

Justin was pretty excited about Where's Waldo!?  
In all honesty, I love his sweet heart!!! 

A new bike helmet ...

 ... for a new bike!

I wish I had Jayla's "fist pump" on video -- she was so excited about her blue Kidizoom watch!! She has been wanting this so bad!

This one has been beggggging for a second American Girl Doll ...

This is a little bit of a joke, but our kids love Christmas with the Kranks!

Next year they'll be yelling "Free Frosty! Free Frosty" when it's time to get the winter decorations out!

Giving the new bike a quick (very quick) ride -- so cold!

Living the dream! I never had an AG doll ... so I'll just continue to watch my girls enjoy theirs! 

Homemade pizzas!


We had such a fun morning! 

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