Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Chronic Sinus Infection

Because Jax doesn't ever just have "normal" type of sickness (never had the flu, a common cold--it's always been allergies, not even strep throat) ... we'll just mark up one more procedure for him. He has had a sinus infection since September 20th. After several trips to the pediatrician and ENT, 1 round of steroids, 3 rounds of antibiotics, he will be having sinus surgery on December 1. Ugh. Our ENT is very confident that this will create relief and eliminate chronic sinus infections.

Looking at this kid, you would never know how many specialty doctors we have been to (pediatrician, ENT, heart doctor, kidney doctor, autoimmune disorder doctor - I forgot her title, there were others) ... how many tests have been run on this kid ... a diagnosis of hypothermia (with no explanation of why) but that he has mostly outgrown ... MRI's, CT scans, heart monitors, 48 hour urine collections, high calcium levels in his urine (again, no explanation of why, it just is), 2 sets of tubes, adenoids out, sepsis ... 

It makes me tear up to think about all of it.

But check out that sweet smile on a very active boy!

Over the last 2 years, he has been so healthy! He had bronchitis for a couple of weeks last fall, but that was it! Now we are on almost 9 weeks of the sinus infection. Some days are better than others. As much as we loved the great fall weather we had, that didn't help Jax much. His seasonal allergies didn't help the sinus infection. Today I could see it in his eyes that it was more painful. He hasn't had fevers, he hasn't missed any school ... just is stuffed up and frequently has pain below his eyes. He's such a trooper. The doctors are keeping him off meds until the surgery, and it seems to be going okay. He actually hasn't had an antibiotic in about 4 weeks.

The unfortunate thing is that he will likely have another surgery in the spring for his left ear.I have mentioned before that the hole from his tube didn't close ... and now that we are about 5 months into it, it probably won't close on its own so surgery will be needed to close it.

I know I will be very thankful for the child life specialist on December 1. They usually have some goods tricks to help. :) I'm not going to lie, each year that he gets older and needs tests/bloodwork and now surgery, it gets harder for me, because he understands what is going to happen. He has a general idea of what will happen that day. All he usually says is "I don't want them to do that to me."  He loves our ENT though so he knows that Dr. DeSautel is going to take good care of him that day. :)

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