Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, November 14, 2016

Birthday party!

We celebrated Jordyn's birthday last weekend with 11 of her friends. Thank goodness for warm weather so that we could do some of the party outside! 

I put Justin to work making a 12x12 grid on our sidewalk for a game. :)

Jordyn even won the second round. :)

We were able to eat supper outside! Our deck may have been a little crowded with 14 kids, but we made it work, and no mess to clean up inside!

Such a fun group of girls! (and a silly little brother who likes to sneak in pictures!)

Beanie Boos ... who knew they were so popular?!?!

Jordyn wanted ice cream cone cupcakes this year! 
(which meant room for just 1 candle instead of 8)

We had such a fun night! It's safe to say I was excited for some calmness once 8:00 hit, but we did enjoy having these girls at our house for the evening! :)

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