Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, October 10, 2016

Go Panthers!

On Saturday the Panthers played at USD, which is just an hour from us, so we headed down to tailgate and go to the game! The weather was perfect for tailgating! It was a little chilly at first, but then it warmed up quickly!

We randomly ended up tailgating next to one of our former daycare workers! The girls loved seeing Morgan! On the way to the game, the girls asked if we would know anyone there, and I told them that Morgan was the only person, but that the chances of us seeing her were about slim to none ... ha, she was one car down from us!

This was such a fun picture to take!

We also got to talk to Coach Farley and introduce him to our kids. He is recruiting Jax already. :) Ha!

UNI gave us front row tickets ... Jax was able to get a high fives. :)

It was tough to see the Panthers miss a field goal and lose, but we still had a very fun day!

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