Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, October 28, 2016

Sinus infection :(

Our sweet (and crazy) boy has had a tough month. 

Right before his birthday in September he had a terrible sinus infection. After about 8 days of the antibiotic, Justin and I felt he was almost worse than he was a week before! He never had a fever, he just couldn't stop coughing. I ended up running him to the clinic about 2 days after he finished his antibiotic. We were unable to see his pediatrician, which was a bummer. Given his medical history, we always prefer to see his doctor. Anyway, this doctor said his chest/lungs still sounded fine, but that his ear had a little fluid, and that the ear that he had his tubed pulled from in June still had a hole. Ugh. So we made an appointment with his ENT. Unfortunately, to get into our ENT, it was about a 12 day wait. Again, given all of Jaxon's previous issues, we wanted to be sure to see our ENT and not a different one.

We were finally able to get to his appointment on the 18th. His sinus infection was awful. He ended up prescribing a steroid (hopefully NEVER again) and an antibiotic for 5 days ... then off for 5 days and then back on for 5 days. He also said the hole is still in his left ear. If it hasn't closed by the spring, he will need to have surgery. :(

That steroid + this kid = a total hyper, emotional wreck. He wasn't naughty, but he had no control of his actions, which is a very common side effect of the medicine. I will pray that we never have to use it again. Thankfully, our preschool teachers were so patient with him. At school, they saw the hyper side ... at home we saw the hyper side and the super emotional side. He would have the biggest meltdown over nothing, and then seconds later he would be laughing hysterically. We were definitely happy when we could start to wean him off the steroid.

He seems to be doing well now. He starts his last round of antibiotics tomorrow. Hopefully this will be it, and he will be great the rest of the fall/winter! Thankfully, he didn't have to miss any school through all of this!

Thumbs up for being so brave with all of his medicine!

A Bad Case of Stripes

SFC did their pumpkin parade again this year. This year we decided to use the book A Bad Case of Stripes!

The girls took turns painting. :)

The pumpkins are always on display for Grandparent's day, so my friend took a picture of the girls with Grandma Ronda and Grandma Shelli.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Playing basketball!

Now that volleyball is over, it's time to get ready for basketball! Our sport court in our backyard hasn't been started yet (we are hopeful that we still get some time to play on it before winter), but our new gym has quite a few options for basketball courts.

This one ... ha! She forgot we came to play basketball!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Loving the weather :)

The kids and I had a few free minutes after school the other day, so we drove out to an arboretum by our house to walk around. It was such a beautiful area!

Gizmo :)

I sure love this dog!

We don't have a fence at our new house, which has meant some big changes for Gizmo ... every time he has to go out, we have to take him. I'm pretty sure we will hate every minute of that during the winter.

The other day we were playing outside (we usually just hook an extra long leash up to something so he can play outside too) and we decided to let him off of his leash. The poor thing didn't know what to do. In the past, that would have meant he would run away. This time, he didn't want to leave my side.

We took him to the back yard, and he loved it! He ran ... but then he ran right around the house into the garage and up the steps to the house! We took him to the back yard several times to run, but then he would eventually be back on the steps! I think he's trained. Ha!

Look at how happy he was!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Decorating a gourd!

Jordyn had an assignment of making a gourd into an animal or a plant. We decided on a whale ... and it became a whole family project. Ha!

We think it turned our pretty cute!

GEMS Theme Night

Last Wednesday night was our GEMS Theme Night - we had a Splash Party! 
The girls had so much fun!

I love that I get to do this with my best friend! :)

Jordyn has two wonderful counselors and is absolutely loving GEMS! Jayla loves hearing Jordyn's stories and can't wait until she's a 2nd grader so that she can go to GEMS!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Staying busy

Life continues to be busy ... the weeks continue to fly by (well ... maybe they drag sometimes during work - ha!) ... the kids continue to keep us busy! 

I sure love when this kiddo decides that he will snuggle with me! He can give the best hugs!

Ferris wheel ride at Scheels!

At the furniture store ... again. At least he found a comfy spot to hang out! 
You can tell by the look on Justin's face how frustrated we are with furniture stores right now.

Volleyball ... the girls finished their last practice of the fall academy, and basketball will soon be starting.

A little bit of play-doh fun!

My sweet puppy got groomed last week!