Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, September 19, 2016

One last lake weekend

Last weekend (actually two weekends ago) we headed to the lake ... one last weekend at the lake. Summer is over.

This was the sky as we were arriving -- absolutely beautiful!

The kids were all tired and went to bed nicely ... and then I woke up to Jax standing over me telling me he had a bloody nose. It was by far one of the worst he has ever had. When I realized how bad it was, I was just sure that his bed, the carpet in his room, the bathroom floor that he walked across, and the carpet in our bedroom would be covered in blood. Instead, he had one small spot in his bed and thought fast enough (half asleep though) to grab the towel off of the bathroom counter before waking me up. This bloody nose lasted for 45 minutes. I was starting to get concerned after about 30 minutes. That awful thought of running him to the hospital to have his nose cauterized crossed my mind. The poor thing was so tired (this was 4:45 AM) ... he kept asking if he could just lay down to go to sleep. We finally got it to stop, and he fell asleep as soon as I let him go back to bed.

On Saturday morning, Justin and I paddle boarded ... one of my very favorite things to do at the lake!

We sat on the dock for a while too. It wasn't warm enough to swim ... and too windy to boat.

Jax did go on the jet ski with Justin ...

This is what happens when Jayla and Grandpa play volleyball on the deck ... it goes over the deck, rolls all the way down the hill. lands in the lake, and Grandpa has to go fish it out. :) I'm pretty sure Justin responded with, "I told you that would happen." :)

Then we were off to my cousin's wedding that afternoon! 

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