Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, August 15, 2016

Riding bikes on the trail!!

Last Saturday night, we bought new bikes for Justin and myself. We both had nice Treks, but we got them in college, and while I want to to think that really wasn't that long ago, the bikes were over 13 years old, and mine was to the point of needing some repairs. It's still usable, but a new one was needed. And, we had mountain bikes, and we both wanted road bikes.

On Sunday morning we did a short family bike ride around the neighborhood ...

On Sunday afternoon, we put everyone's bike riding skills to the test! We took the bikes to the trail! (We managed to find a bike rack for 5 bikes!!) 

Here we go!

 We rode about 3 miles ... no one fell off ... and no one crashed (Jax had one close call, but he ended up regaining control)!

Our new bikes!

We made it back to the vehicle -- and then headed for ice cream! ;)

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