Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, August 5, 2016

Riding Bikes! (finally!)

Teaching our kids to ride bikes without training wheels has been a challenge. We worked on it all last summer. Finally, last November, Jordyn finally started to figure it out, and then two days later the snow started to fall. Since moving to our new house, we had not taken the bikes out of the garage. Our house is the only finished house on our street. There are three houses going up right by us, which means we have lots of construction vehicles on our street. We also live on a hill, and only our house and the house going up next to us have sidewalks ... so all of that together doesn't make for great conditions to learn how to ride a bike. (And then throw in the kids not having an interest in it ...)

However -- we decided to load up the bikes and go to a big church parking lot that is very close to our house. Guess what?! All 3 kids learned how to ride their bikes in the same night! Now all they want to do is ride bikes!

Jax still needs a little help (and has taken a couple of big falls, but he always gets right back up and wants to keep going ... even if there's blood running down his leg!) ...

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