Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Playing at the farm!

The kids and I spent the day at the farm on Thursday. We had planned to go swimming in the afternoon, but then some random storms popped up, and we didn't make it to the pool.

However, the kids had fun playing!

Jordyn caught this grasshopper and named him Hurley (because she thought it looked like Hurley "H") ...

4-wheeler rides!

Jordyn and Grandpa got a little wet, because the rain started to fall while they were on their ride! 

Catching rain drops!

The sun came back out eventually!

Don't these two boys look awesome in the Barbie corvette?

Logan arrested Grandpa because he was being naughty!

The one thing that Jax had trouble with on the bike was learning on how to start. Auntie Devin and Uncle BJ taught him what to do. :) Now he's a pro!

The kids loved watching this crop plane fly so close to us!

We were all tired after our day at the farm!

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