Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, August 22, 2016

More swimming!

The kids had fun staying at the farm! Logan and Ryleigh got to be a part of the sleepover - and Kiki came!!

Justin and I had a little time on Sunday morning before headed to my parent's house, so we worked out and then went on bike ride. We had lunch with my family, and then we all headed to the pool!

The kids LOVED going off the board there! 

Jordyn ...

Jayla ...

Jaxon's first time!

Ryleigh ... (and I only took videos of Logan, so I don't have any pictures of him) ...

Justin enjoys doing flips off the board ... I wasn't quite ready with the camera though, so I missed most of it!

After about Jaxon's third time going off the board, he no longer needed Justin to catch him. :) I am so excited with the progress all three of our kids made swimming this summer! They are quite the fish!

The 5 kiddos! :)
(We missed Calvin and Tessa!)

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