Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Well ... I jinxed myself! Back in June, I took Gizmo to his yearly check up to get his immunizations. Now that we have moved across town, our vet is about a 25 minute drive from our new house. I was considering changing vets, but I decided that since I take him there just once a year, I could handle driving across town for it. 

Fast forward to the day before I left for Montana. The kids and I had Gizmo out on a walk, and he was peeing blood - lots of blood. I called the vet while we were on the walk, and they said I needed to bring in a urine sample. They explained how to do it, and I'm sure every construction worker building houses around us was laughing at me attempting to do this. :)

We ran the sample to the vet -- waited for them to call with the results and they of course found infection and meds needed to be picked up. So, that was two trips to the vet in one day.

Then a few days after I got home from Montana, he was still peeing blood, so I called back. They needed to see him to do xrays and run tests ... another trip to the vet to drop him off ... and then another trip to pick him up. The xrays showed he at least 3 stones in his bladder and surgery was needed. We decided to wait a few days to do the surgery, but then he stopped eating and drinking so we had to move the surgery up. He had surgery last Thursday, and they removed 4 stones. We brought him home on Friday. 
(so, in the last 3 weeks, we have made 6 trips to the vet ... so much for 1 trip a year)

He is recovering well from surgery, but he's supposed to do very little exercise for 7-10 days. That has been hard! He's been eating well though, and he has been very happy! :)

He was supposed to get groomed this week, but we had to push that back 2 weeks due to his surgery scar ... yikes, he's going to be shaggy!!

I joked that our kids have been so healthy the last two years that we had to put all of that "extra money" into the dog! Surgery was not a cheap one ... but we sure love our Gizmo!

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