Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, August 29, 2016

Black Hills Day 4 (part 2)

After our hike and some lunch, we headed down to the horse stables to pet the horses. The kids loved this!

Then it was time to swim! (because our kids think it's awful to go 1 day without swimming!)

I have been so proud of this kid and his swimming! He does great at swimming underwater ... and this was his "Michael Phelps" version of swimming!

After swimming, the kids did some rock wall climbing!

They had so much fun!

Jordyn made it to the top twice!

Then we put our swimming suits back on and did the water slide a few times! The water slide had been closed, but they opened it up just as we were done with the rock wall. The water was FREEZING though!

Our afternoon was sure filled with fun!

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