Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Black Hills Day 2

Such a beautiful view to wake up to on Thursday morning!

I love going on runs at Hart Ranch - I couldn't wait to go on Thursday morning! It's the perfect running place!

Jusitn had a meeting on Thursday morning ... the kids and I stayed very busy! We rode bikes, played at the park, rode bikes, played tennis, mini golf, rode bikes ...

Silly little brother!

We had lunch and then went swimming! I was tired before we even got to the pool after our busy morning! Justin made it back from his meeting to join us at the pool!

After about 2 hours at the pool, the weather started to change. We knew it was supposed to cool down, and it hit pretty fast. That was okay though ... we all needed some rest! 
And how cute is this!?!

After some naps, we went to Rapid City for some supper, and then we were off to our first rodeo at the campground! It definitely wasn't warm, but we had fun!

Oh Jayla! :)

We weren't sure if the kids would like the rodeo, but they loved it! The girls loved the barrel racing. Jax loved the bareback horses!

Day #2 was another fun day!

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