Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Open House

The girls had open house at their school last Monday night! They were so excited to go!

 Jayla and Mrs. Hydeen ...

Jordyn and Mrs. Odens ...

Jordyn and Mrs. Van Zee ...

Jordyn has two teachers because they job share! I know both girls are going to have another great year at SFC!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Heading home from the Hills!

On Sunday morning it was time to head home. We decided to get on the road right away that morning instead of doing a few other activities. It worked out well, and we got home at a great time. We stopped twice on the way home - once for lunch, and once to stretch our legs at Cabela's. 

Everyone thinks we need hiking sticks now that the kids went on their first hike. :)

This kid wants his picture taken with everything. Ha! :)

I am so thankful for another fun vacation with Justin and the kids! We definitely crammed a lot of fun into our trip!

Black Hills Day 4 (Part 3)

After hiking, swimming, jumping, and rock wall climbing, we headed to another rodeo! 

Our cute cowgirls!

We had another campfire after the rodeo, and of course we had smores again!

I think it's safe to say we all slept great after day 4!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Black Hills Day 4 (part 2)

After our hike and some lunch, we headed down to the horse stables to pet the horses. The kids loved this!

Then it was time to swim! (because our kids think it's awful to go 1 day without swimming!)

I have been so proud of this kid and his swimming! He does great at swimming underwater ... and this was his "Michael Phelps" version of swimming!

After swimming, the kids did some rock wall climbing!

They had so much fun!

Jordyn made it to the top twice!

Then we put our swimming suits back on and did the water slide a few times! The water slide had been closed, but they opened it up just as we were done with the rock wall. The water was FREEZING though!

Our afternoon was sure filled with fun!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Black Hills Day 4 (part 1)

It was pretty cold when we got up on Saturday morning (about 48 degrees), but we ate breakfast and headed out on a drive! We decided to drive to Custer State Park and go for a walk/hike.

I completely burst out laughing when we got out of the car to hike, and Jax immediately dropped to the ground for push ups to get himself ready.

We stopped at Sylvan Lake! It was absolutely beautiful! Had it been warmer, we would have swam there too!

The kids and I made it across the rocks - and nobody fell in. Ha!

I did not like this bridge though. The drop off on the other side was really far down and it freaked me out!

There were climbers on the top of this ... hard to see in the picture though ...

Time for a quick rest ...

We walked a little bit of the trail to Harney Peak -- next year, we will do all 7 miles of Harney Peak!

After about 4-5 miles of walking, we got back in the car and drove to Needle's Point. The kids did a little climbing, but when you have a certain 4 year old who forgets he has to be careful and needs total self control for something like this, climbing doesn't last long (he didn't fall or get hurt, he just made us nervous). :)

I'm pretty sure if I do some digging in pictures, I can find a picture of Justin and myself at this same spot when we were 18 years old. 

One of the 4 tunnels we went through! So thankful Justin did all of the driving!

Another tunnel!

A view of Mt. Rushmore from Custer State Park ...

... and it was literally seconds after I snapped this picture that Jax got car sick again. I had been asking him about every 3-5 minutes how he was doing. Curvy roads tend to make him sick (he got car sick the day before too) ... and he kept saying "I'm fine" ... and then it was "I"m going to puke!" Thank goodness we always go prepared! Poor thing threw up a second time - thank goodness we were almost out of the park and off most of the curvy roads! You would never know he had been car sick though. The second he got out of the car at the campground, he was running to the cabin, eating food, and ready to swim!

Whew! A busy, but fun morning!