Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer fun!

We are having a great summer! Don't get me wrong ... things aren't perfect here ... the kids can throw some nice little fits during the day, and they can sure have sibling fights with the best of them, but we are still having a lot of fun.

I have so much fun pictures to share from the last week and a half. Our internet went down for a while (gotta love having your cables messed with during all of the new construction going on around us), but for now it's working, so I'm working fast to upload pictures before it happens again! :)

These are just some random pictures from the summer. 

Two of our friends have had babies this summer (just two days apart).

This is Blayke ...

This is Londyn ...

My work out girl!

Brody came to play for a while one day ... 

The kids found this under our deck!

Jax was such a trooper going to so many softball games. This became his favorite thing to do before games. :)

We are loving the swimming pool!! We have been swimming 3-4 times each week -- we haven't even gotten our own pool out at home this year. I guess those days of swimming in the back yard for hours might be over!

We love the Storyland plays that Park and Rec does each week!

New shades!

Stay tuned for a lot of pictures!

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