Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


We made it through a week of VBS! The kids had a lot of fun! I helped with Jaxon's group again this year. :)

The program was a lot of fun to watch. Jordyn had her last softball game the same night as the program. Thankfully, her game was near church at 6:00, and the program wasn't until 7:30. Justin took her to her game (she missed the first 1 1/2 hours of VBS), and made it just in time for the program. She is in the middle of this picture ...

Jax is in the front row ...

Jax made it through all 10 songs ... but these programs are clearly not his thing! He sang the first two songs, and then just kind of stood there for the other 8 songs.

I didn't have a great view of Jayla, so I didn't et many pictures of her. She is behind the girls in pink, chevron and purple ...

Grandpa Buzz and Grandma Ronda came up and watched softball and then the program!

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