Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, June 24, 2016


Friday was such a beautiful day. After we left the water park, we headed to Justin's parent's house. We were talking about going on a boat ride - just as Jade text us to watch the radar. We knew there were storms north of us -- and they very quickly moved straight south. Jade and Megan were stuck at Bracco (just like we were the Friday before in a storm). The problem for them though is that they had come on the boat. These storms moved very quickly, and they could not leave.

The sky got so dark, the temp dropped, and the wind was unbelievable. 

Marlin and I were on the dock - and were starting to walk back up to the house when we heard a very loud pop ... and this happened ...

Wow! We were so lucky that we weren't any closer to that tree.

The storm lasted for a while -- Jade and Megan had a tough evening too. They watched a pontoon sink, sent us video of the docks blowing over ... they were finally able to have his brothers bring the boat trailer fairly close to them, and there was a break in the storm around 10:00 and they were able to get the boat out. What a night!

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