Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, June 11, 2016


We closed on a Thursday afternoon (before Memorial Day) ... movers came on Friday to move all of our big items ... we had one last "picnic supper" at the old house on Friday before heading to to the new house!
On Saturday, Jade and Justin did a bunch more moving -- so thankful for Jade helping us and for his trailer!

Megan brought over lunch, so we had another picnic on Saturday in the new house! Then Megan took her kids and our kids to their house to play for the day. We are so thankful they are just two minutes away now!

In the middle of moving, tornado warnings came south of us. It was pretty nasty here!

I wasn't driving, but this was us going to down the interstate after another trip to the old house! Jade's trailer is in front of us ...

The treadmill. Yikes. The movers ended up not being able to move it because it needed to be taken apart. Jade and Justin carried it up two flights of steps in the old house and down a flight of steps in the new house.

I had to do a lot of cheering them on! :)

We met Megan and all 5 kids out for supper that night! Jade and Megan were such big helps to us that day!!

Justin and I decided after supper that we needed a break from moving, and we took off for the lake at about 7:30 for the rest of the weekend!

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