Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, June 20, 2016


We have lived in our house for just over 3 weeks. If you had asked me a month ago how much work I thought moving would be, it wouldn't be the same as my current answer. Moving into a new house, with 3 kids, during the last week of school, having 4 softball games during that week created more work (and stress) than I thought was ever possible. We are now 3 weeks and 2 days into this house and we having nothing on the walls, no blinds up (hoping they are here in about 2 weeks), no furniture in our main living room (praying it comes this week), missing a dresser in the master bedroom (maybe 3 weeks yet) ... and last night was the second time since we moved here that Justin and I were BOTH home in the evening. Trying to unpack, organize a garage, and start to think about where we might want things on the wall isn't exactly easy when one of us is gone every night. In between packing/unpacking/moving, 4 softball games every week and 1 baseball game each week, we threw in a week of nightly VBS, 2 weeks of morning swimming lessons, Justin's work schedule creating more out of town travel, church meetings, and doctor appointments. 

I'm not going to lie ... some days I feel like I am suffocating and needing breathing space from everything. Our kids love the new house, but it's almost like they forgot that in the transition to a new house, we have rules in our family ... bedtime rules, no hitting/kicking/pinching/slapping rules, attitude rules ... I've been on summer break for two weeks (the girls for 4 weeks already), and it has been the toughest 2 weeks I've had with my kids. 

I absolutely love our new house ... and don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my children and spending my summers with them, but we all just kind of fell apart the last week or so. I know I haven't been myself ... we are tired, we are ready for a bit of normalcy into a schedule and feeling like this our "home" ... it will come, I just thought it would come sooner. I guess in all of my thinking, I forgot we would be gone every single evening. :)

I'll get out of my funk soon.

And I know that we will all be excited when our furniture arrives. Ha!

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