Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend!

On Saturday the girls and I met Justin's mom, grandma and aunt for lunch.
Then we headed to the lake! We were pretty excited to go for a boat ride!

I don't know Jax still manages to get in these cars!

We were able to help Justin's parent's get summer furniture out and do a little cleaning. 
The guys also put the jet skis in the water ...

Grandpa and Grandma's new swing. :)

Snuggled in for a movie!

Unfortunately, our plans for Sunday didn't go as we expected. 

We were going to get up early and head to MN to Tessa's Dedication. Jax woke up at 2:30 throwing up. We realized at bedtime we had forgotten his allergy medicine at home, and his allergies are usually bad at the lake. He was very stuffed up before bedtime, and we are pretty sure that throughout the night the drainage upset his tummy. He threw up twice in about 15 minutes, and then he was done. He didn't sleep well though and was up quite a bit until 5. Then he finally fell asleep until after 8:00. Since we were supposed to leave at about 6:30 to make it to church on time, we didn't go to MN. We weren't sure if we were dealing with the stomach flu or something else throughout the night and didn't think getting in the car at 6:30 was in our best interest. After Jax woke up, he watched a movie with me, and by about 10:30 he was feeling much better! We were pretty sure it wasn't the flu!

We sure missed seeing this sweet girl though!

So, even though Mother's Day didn't go as we had planned, we still had a nice day!

"Daddy! Do this with your hands!"

We are excited that summer will soon be here!

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