Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

More pictures :)

So glad this sign is not needed for very long!

Justin landed in SF about an hour ago after being gone for a week in Baltimore/DC/Virginia/Pennsylvania. I think he had a good trip, but he was ready to be home too!

Entertainment at WalMart while our house was being showed ...

So much excitment in Jayla's classroom last week - 8 baby chicks hatched. We heard about them everyday, so I stopped in to see them after school. So cute!

Softball practices are falling right during suppertime ... and during the week our house was being showed it was freezing and would.not.stop.raining so we had a picnic in the car ..

Thank goodness for indoor softball practices!

We stopped at a garage sale near our house the other day. Talk about excitement. The one costume he's been wanting is Vision. We couldn't find his size at Halloween time ... but we found it for 75 cents at the garage sale!

Where's Waldo before bedtime. :)

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