Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, April 29, 2016

What a week!

I blinked, and this week was over ... yet as we were going through the week, I thought it would never end. It has been one of the busiest weeks we've had. On Friday and Saturday we quickly did some packing and loaded some items and furniture into a pod. That was picked up on Saturday morning. The girls went to a friend's house for all of Saturday, so we just had Jax around, which ended up making things much easier. We had supper at Jade and Megan's house on Saturday night. On Sunday after church, our realtor had her stager come over to do a little rearranging of furniture/decorations. He actually ended up not doing too much and was pretty happy with out the house was set up. Sunday was also GEMS Sunday, so we had to be at the 5:00 service for that. We went out for supper after church ... Jade, Megan and the boys joined us too!

Monday-Thursday seems like a blur! The photographer came on Monday to take pictures and make the virtual tour of our house (which was super cool to see). I had a meeting after school on Monday and then went to Megan's house to get things ready for our last GEMS meeting. Then the kids and I met Justin for a quick supper and then we were off to the furniture store to order our new bedroom set. Then the girls and I headed to my aunt's house to drop some things off ... the boys went to Scheels to get Jax new shoes.

Our house was officially on the market at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon. From Tuesday at 5:00 through Thursday at 8:00, we had 18 showings (we basically slept in our house and did nothing else there), and by Friday morning the house was sold! It is safe to say that leaving a house at 6:30-7:00 each morning with 3 kids and making sure it's in perfect condition is not fun. 

I couldn't wait to make supper in my house tonight knowing that we wouldn't be interrupted with possible showings ... or get a call during bath time that someone wants to see the house. I also couldn't wait to eat a home-cooked meal. There were constant showings every evening so we couldn't eat at home. 

Jordyn had softball on Tuesday and Thursday nights ... I had a work meeting after school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ... Wednesday's meeting was a long one so I went right from the meeting to GEMS ... Justin worked late on Tuesday night ... Justin flew to Baltimore on Thursday ... and I made it through the stressful week of state standardized testing. I may have had 1 (or 2?) meltdowns during the week ... but we made it!!

Pictures to come soon! :)

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