Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, April 17, 2016

What have we been up to?

I feel like the month of April has been a total blur.

We decided to have our realtor come check out our house two weeks ago today. We had been talking about possibly putting ours on the market and looking for a new one. We had a great meeting with Liz (she helped us buy this house about 7 1/2 years ago), and within a week, we had purchased a new home! Our current house has not gone on the market yet (it will in a week), and we move into our new house in about a month. The new house is brand new, but the basement was not finished so we have been quickly working with the builder to get all of our basement plans in place. We really like the builder and he has been very helpful! So between working on final touches for the new house, packing, running to furniture/home/appliance stores, getting our house ready to sell and continuing on with our everyday lives, we are running on very little sleep! We never thought everything would fall into place like this -- and that it would all happen so fast!

Jordyn has had 3 birthday parties three weekends in a row. We just spent the entire weekend celebrating Jayla's birthday -- all of her friends were Friday night, we celebrated at Sky Zone on Saturday, and today we had our families over to celebrate! So fun! Jayla also has a birthday party to go to on Friday night!

We have had two school parties (two Fridays in a row) with the girls.

Justin and I managed to sneak in a date night a couple of weekends ago, and we celebrated a friend's birthday last weekend. Thank goodness the kids like their baby-sitters -- we have been using them frequently!

We have been busy with church meetings/GEMS ... Justin has had evening work meetings and is preparing for a trip out east.

Jax has had a tough few days of allergies. He is acting fine, but he sounds terrible and his nose will not stop running. Poor kid! Thankfully the allergy medicine does help some.

Softball will be in full swing soon ... and once we hit May/June, we will have 4 softball games and 1 baseball game each week ... and three of them each week may all possibly fall on Monday nights. That's when this "zone defense" becomes a bit trickier than "man-to-man defense" ... when you don't have enough drivers to get kids to all of their games. Ha!

We have a crazy week ahead with evening work meetings, softball meeting, and the stager comes next weekend. Our realtor pays for a stager to come in. Our house has been shown once already, and we heard that the house showed very well and was super clean (may have helped that they came shortly after the cleaning lady - ha!), but it was nice to hear that. Hopefully there won't be too much moving around with the stager. 

With this whole house thing happening so fast, my blog has been a big neglected. I'm hoping to be back on track soon!

Until then, here's Jax. :) This kid makes me laugh!

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