Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, March 21, 2016

We Love the UNI Panthers!

As I write this, we are heart-broken over UNI's loss in round 2 of March Madness. March Madness is one of my very favorite times of the year ... but I told Justin it turned into March Sadness last night with UNI's loss to Texas A&M.

Nonetheless, we had fun cheering for the Panthers ... and we are still proud to be Panthers!

Ready for the Round 1 game on Friday night vs Texas!

Check out the cute photo-bomber! :)

The game started at about 9:00, so our kids didn't even see any of it ... well ... that is until the winning half court shot happened, and Justin I celebrated a bit too loudly and woke up all 3 of the kids. Oops!

This little guy didn't quite make it back to his bed after the celebration!

We couldn't wait for Sunday's game!! 
We decorated the driveway again ...

And put on our Panther gear!

Sure love these Panther cheerleaders!

And then heartbreak happened with about 30 seconds to go ... .and then 2 OT's. But like I said, we are proud to be Panthers! 

My students were great about cheering on the Panthers as well! :)

UNI Fight! UNI Fight!

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