Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

We are already 8 days into March?!

I cannot believe how fast the weeks go (well ... they can sure seem so slow at work). I can't believe we are already 8 days into March. The last week and a half have been crazy! Justin has been home from all of his work trips, and it's a good thing because now I have been running non-stop!

Last Monday night we had supper with my brother, sister-in-law and twins. Oh - Franklin the Turtle, from Kindergarten joined us too!

Even though we traveled through a nasty snowstorm to get to the other side of town (tons of accidents, traffic at a complete standstill both ways on the interstate), we are so glad we were able to meet them for supper!

The rest of the week was busy! Justin had church on Tuesday night, on Wednesday night we took a quick trip to help my mom move my grandma to the nursing home, I had conferences on Thursday night, I did a 31 party on Friday night, Jayla had basketball on Saturday morning, we took a very fast trip (less than 24 hours) to MN to meet our new niece (pictures to come soon), watched the Panthers win the conference championship, we made a trip to the zoo, I had conferences again last night, I have church on Wednesday night, a music program at school on Thursday night, and we have a couples baby shower on Friday night. Whew! And then Justin is off to Florida! The end of March will be here before we know it!

Stayed tuned for more pictures! :)

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