Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Visiting Oma!

Last week a pretty quick decision was made to move my grandma to the nursing home. Her memory had very suddenly gotten worse.

On Wednesday we went to help my mom start to pack up her apartment.  Justin and Jax stayed at the farm to play, and the girls and I went with my mom to pack and visit my grandma.

The girls were excited to see her.

So was I! :)

We also stopped to see my Great Aunt Agnes at the nursing home. She's just a few doors down from my grandma, so that will be a good thing. Agnes has twin great great grand daughters (my distant cousin, Keeley has the twins) that were born last June ... and their names are Jordyn and Jayla! Our girls haven't met them yet because we haven't been able to time it up right when we've been in town, but we will eventually get them together.

Here's Jordyn and Jayla "holding Jordyn and Jayla" ... :)

I am so glad we were able to make a quick trip to see my grandma!

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