Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Preschool Dress Up Days

Jaxon's preschool had dress up days everyday last week. He was so excited about this!

Monday: PJ Day
Jax and Connor were pretty excited that they both wore Star Wars jammies!

Tuesday: Sports Day
Jax has about every sports outfit he could ever need. He decided he wanted to be a basketball player.

Wednesday: Cowboy Day
Holy cuteness! My favorite day! He was so into this day. Normally Jax wears jeans one day a week - on Sunday to church. He wears them to church and is out of them the second we walk in the door. He just wants to wear shorts or sweats. However, he immediately told me he needed jeans for school.His teachers even laughed as we walked in to school that day. They didn't think he owned a pair of jeans! I made sure to bring his basketball shoes and sweats along, but he actually stayed in the jeans and boots all day! The cowboy boots -- well -- those belonged to his sisters, but no one could tell they were girl boots since they are just brown.

Thursday: Green day for St. Patrick's Day!

Friday: Superhero/Princess Day. 
Jax decided to go as a combo of Spiderman and Ironman.

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