Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, March 18, 2016

Celebrating Year 33!

My birthday was on the 16th. I was feeling a little bummed that Justin was going to miss my birthday for a second year in a row since he was in Florida. My best friend and Justin took care of making the day fun though!!

Megan had made plans with Justin, my co-worker Pam and Justin's parents to all help out.

Pam's job was to make sure I didn't leave work early that day, because Megan came to my classroom to take me out after school!

We got our nails done!

And went out for a delicious supper! Our friend, Heidi, met us for supper too!

I went home to my kids and Justin's parents, and was surprised with 2 bouquets of flowers! My dad had dropped off one bouquet during the day and Justin's parents and the kids picked up the other! I have 3 dozen roses at my house right now!

My kids and Justin's parents picked up a cake for me too!

No smile from Jax, but I sure love these three!
One of my student's families dropped off of a plant and balloon at school for me ... a group of my students who were with another teacher for a little while programmed a robot to sing Happy Birthday to me, and I had over 450 facebook messages, text messages, phone calls and emails ... it was such a fun day! 

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