Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, March 14, 2016

Baby shower!

On Friday night we had a couples baby shower for two couples that we are good friends with. Both couples are expecting their 4th baby, both have 3 boys already, both are going to have a girl, they are due within a couple of weeks of each other and both pregnancies were a very big surprise! We felt this was a great reason to celebrate! :) We sure have a fun group of friends!!

Mystery baby food! :)

"Pregnant Dads" relay race. :)

We met Crystal and Ross a few years ago and realized that Ross worked with and was friends with a couple in Cedar Falls that I used to baby-sit for. It's such a small world! We still keep in contact with Scott and Meg in CF (they even helped us get our playoff football tickets back in December to watch the Panthers). 

Love this girl!

And this guy too!

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