Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Weekend #2

After the egg hunt, we headed back to the farm!
The girls helped Kandi make an "egg" fruit pizza. :)

It started to rain, so we had to the Easter egg hunt inside my dad's shop, which the kids thought was fun!

All 7 grand kids!

Before doing the egg hunt, I took the girls to meet these two cuties ...

A distant cousin of mine had twins last June ... and named them Jordyn and Jayla! We have been trying to get the girls together, but it just hadn't worked. We finally met them on Saturday! My Jordyn and Jayla loved playing with the girls!!

And I loved snuggling this sweet one as much as I could!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Weekend #1

Our Easter weekend was very busy, but it was fun!
We packed up Saturday morning to head to the farm. 

On the road ... Gizmo didn't want to cooperate for a picture though. Ha!

We stopped at the farm for a few minutes before going to an egg hunt, and Jordyn won the battle of who got to hold sweet Tessa first!

Then we headed to the nursing home for an egg hunt.

The kids had so much fun!

I ran into a friend I grew up with ... and actually, we see each other often because Jordyn and her daughter, Desiree, play softball and basketball against each other.

But the best part was Oma getting to have the 7 kids together at the nursing home with her!

Oma met Tessa for the first time.

After the nursing home, we headed back to the farm! More pictures to come soon!

More snow!

Some days it feels like summer is just around the corner, and other days we are back to winter! Two different times last week we got 6 inches of snow. The good thing about getting snow at this time of the year is that it melts quickly.

I was shoveling some snow after work the other day and Jax decided to get out the sled while he waited for me. I could not stop laughing at him!

I think he's a tad mixed up ... he wears his ski helmet/goggles to ride his bike, and he wore his bike helmet to sled/"snowboard" ...

Jayla's loose tooth!

Jayla has had a wiggly tooth for several weeks. Last week she pulled it out all by herself! She was so excited about losing her 1st tooth!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Playing with the cousins!

Logan and Ryleigh came to play at our house last week so that their mom and dad could do some shopping! We had fun playing!

The boys were excited to be wearing matching shirts!

Palm Sunday

Ready for church on Palm Sunday ... unfortunately it was way too cold for the girls to wear their Easter dresses ...

The kids sang in church on Sunday.

Jayla was just two kids down from Jordyn, but we could not get any pictures of her. 

Jax is behind his palm branch in this picture. :)

He loved singing Days of Elijah!