Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter Games Part 1

We decided to head to the lake after Jordyn's basketball game on Saturday for the Winter Games. The weather was pretty mild, and we hadn't gone to the lake in the winter since I was pregnant with Jaxon.

Winter games, here we come!

We checked out some new boats ... Grandpa looked pretty comfortable on this one. :)

Jayla and Jax were pretty comfy in this one! They were going to take their naps in this boat. :)

Then we headed over to Arnold's Park!

Then we headed to Okoboji Store for some supper! Jaxon did not nap during the day (which isn't unusual for him -- he doesn't take a nap everyday), but he was so tired by suppertime, that we let him fall asleep at the table while we waited for our food. After 15 minutes, we woke him up and he was ready to eat! :)

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