Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dr. Appointments

We were finally able to see the kidney doctor last week (after the whole mess of FedEx losing the first round of labs).

The doctor was running behind (reallllly behind), but the nurse was so sweet and gave the kids bubbles to help pass some time.

Just in case Jax needed blood work, they put numbing cream on his arms ...

And ... he did need blood work. We haven't needed blood work from him since he was 2. I was nervous about it. Doing it with a 2 year old is a little different than a 4 1/2 year old ... 2 year olds don't quite know what's going on ... 4 year olds do. I asked for the child life specialist to come in, and she was awesome!! #1 - her name was Kayla so Jax thought that was cool since Kiki's real name is Kayla, #2 - she had an ipad, which Jax loves, and #3 - her ipad had a Star Wars game on it!

Jax was so brave! He did not cry at all during the first blood draw or the second one! He said "owie" a few times, but he never cried!

After they were done, he looked at everyone and said, "Mom! Why did they put holes in my arms?" 

Overall, the nephrologist was happy with how Jax was doing. His calcium level, phosphorus level and uric acid levels are still a tad high, but the doctor is fine with the numbers, so we will go back for a check up in a year.

This appointment was the longest by far though. The doctor was over an hour behind. Me + 3 kids + a small room = near disaster. :) Thank goodness for my bag of snacks and bubbles from the nurse! After 1 hour and 40 minutes, the appointment ended!!

The last two weeks have been the week of appointments at our house ... 3 dentist appointments, annual appointments for Justin and myself ... kidney doctor ... and then Jax came down with some crud several hours before seeing the kidney doctor. Normally when he gets a cold, it's gradual with a runny nose, and then a cough. When I picked him up from daycare on Tuesday, he nose was nasty and he had a really bad cough. He had been fine that morning when I took him to school!

The kidney doctor checked him over pretty well and said his ears were fine ... lungs sounded great.

At 1 AM on Friday, Jax woke up with a high fever (102 -- and when his normal body temps run low at about 97 degrees, 102 is high for him). He was also complaining about his right ear, which is the ear without the tube. I knew it was infected. The two of us were up the rest of the night. I ran to school at about 5:45 to write a few sub plans, and then I stayed home with Jax for the day. I ran him to the doctor that morning since I knew we would need his right ear checked. Sure enough, it was quite infected! His cough was pretty nasty, but his lungs sounded good.

Waiting for our pediatrician. :)

Jax has been so cute at his appointments -- whenever a nurse works on him (blood pressure, temperature...) he just sits there and gives me a thumbs up sign. :)

This stinker though ... up at 1 AM, we didn't sleep, and I absolutely could not get him to nap at all on Friday. I tried everything! He was still going strong at 7 PM! I, however, was not! I might have cheered (just a little) when he finally crashed at about 7:45.

Knock on wood, our kids have continued to be quite healthy again this school year. Jax has missed 3 days of school and Jayla has missed 1 day of school. I am praying they all continue to stay healthy!

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