Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, February 26, 2016

Cancun Day 7

Day 7 was our last day! We didn't fly out until 4:30, so we had the whole morning at the resort. 

One last picture off the balcony ...

Our last lunch

We had another fabulous trip with great friends! We are already missing our 8-10 hours that we spent at the pool/beach everyday. 

We are so thankful for our families for helping with the kids while we were gone. Justin's parents, my parents and BJ and Devin all helped with the kids, and they had a blast. My mom had to bribe the kids to talk to us on the phone. They were having too much fun each time I would call, and they wouldn't talk to us! It's reassuring to know though that they don't mind that Mommy and Daddy take vacations. :)

One final picture ... Justin and Megan are sure they are going to try out for Survivor someday (this has been an ongoing story for several years). Justin practiced his tree climbing skills while we were there ... I think he has a little more practice to do. :)

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