Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cancun Day 4

Another beautiful sunrise on day 4!

Justin and I went for a long walk after breakfast.

Lots of time was spent at the pool!

Megan and I bought some jewelry on the beach (because a trip to Mexico wouldn't be complete without us buying something on the beach). This guy was super funny, and would not stop pulling bracelets out of his bag.

This lizard joined us for lunch!

These lizards hung out on the top of the swing bar!

That night we headed to Xplor to zip line! I'm glad I can say we did it ... I'm pretty sure that Megan and I will be fine if we never do it again though. The best part -- the cameras! The sensors on our helmet took about 150 pictures -- we became pretty good with our poses by the end of it!

Cave swimming -- and I may have had a minor (major?) freak out when we saw fish and bats with us.

This picture made us laugh so hard! Justin was caught behind us -- looks like a Sasquatch!

After zip lining, driving the amphibious vehicles, rafting through caves and swimming through caves, we were exhausted. We all slept the whole back to our resort!

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