Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, February 22, 2016

Cancun Day 3

The four of us started our day the spa! The first hour of treatment was a bit comical...relaxing, but comical. We were put in the sauna, then the cold pool, then the steam room, then the cold pool, then a foot spa, and then the warm pool. Keep in mind that Megan and I were in the women's side ... the guys of course in the men's side. The whole time Megan and I kept wondering how the guys were doing with all of this. When we walked into the relaxation room, Megan and I about lost it with laughter. The guys were already in there with their robes on, fuzzy slippers and neck warmers. It was supposed to be a quiet room, but Megan and I could not stop laughing. The guys kept a completely straight face and didn't say a single word to us. After about 5 minutes, we were taken back for our couple's massages. It's amazing how fast an hour can go when you are getting a massage!!!  It was pretty funny talking to the guys after the massages about their experience, which was complete with cucumbers on their eyes. 

The perfect view every morning!

Love this guy!!

This was the view of the "other side" of Cancun. Since we were on the top floor, we had a great view of our beach, but in the hallway we had a view of the other side! It was fun to see the sunrise on our side and the sunset through the other windows!

We missed GEMS, so we took our GEMS shirts and sunglasses along to send a picture back to the counselors. :)

So thankful for these wonderful friends!

We ate at MB on Thursday night. Another restaurant with great food!!

And -- had some Spanish coffee after our meal.

We may have ordered room service later that night too. :)

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